Kalimnell: The Life, Times and Death of Jeffrey Orton

Back to town

When the players awoke all was quiet in the keep. The sun was shining into the entryway and no zombies were prowling around. Most of the party went to investigate the rest of the keep while Serea went outside to try to make her way back to town. After getting lost and fighting a rouge zombie Serea went back to the keep. After exploring most of the keep Serea caught up with them, only to come face to face with a large spider with the head of Donovan on it. After a long battle the players finally realized it was an illusion and banished it. Approaching nightfall the zombies began to rise again and the players barricaded the door and then barricaded themselves in the room beyond the stairs, where they found a secret entry into a basement. Being chased by a horde of zombies and through a cavern of spiders they found themselves in one of the rooms of Varsuvius. They defeated the zombies and made their way back to the keep as water began rising in the halls. Both Audrianna and Key were taken by a crocodile but they found a young man named Jacov at the base of the steps. Going back into the keep they were finally able to confront the demon that has been plauging the area. With the help of Vasu they banished the demon and made their way back to town. After talking to the captain of the guards they went back to the masters wheel and were shortly accompanied by a young monk happiness, and a young cleric named Aaron. Vasu time jumped to a 20 year younger Vasu. After a fun night of a kidnapping of Serea and Aaron saving them they decided to travel as a party. After yet another visit to the captain they were given a quest to find and eliminate the cult of Dagon in the area.



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