Kalimnell: The Life, Times and Death of Jeffrey Orton

Marshall Keep Night 1

The players began the evening standing on the battlements of Marshall Keep staring down at hordes of zombies that surrounded the keep. After some debate and by the look of the weather they decided to retreat back downstairs. Going down the winding staircase Donovan slipped on a wet spot sending him and Seria tumbling down. When everyone arrived at the bottom they realized there were several zombies standing there to greet them. In a mocking tone Vasu Varius said to the zombies “Greetings”. To which oddly enough they replied with “Grreeettiiinnggs..” Taken aback by this the party decided to attempt to converse with them, offering other greetings or questions. However they zombies would only reply with “Grreeettiiinnggs..”, “Daaaggooonn”, and finally pointing directly at Donovan they said “Keeeper.”. Keya heard something going on up at the battlements and decided to go check it out, running into several zombies headed down the stairs, which immediatly tried to attack her, she deftly dodged and began to back down and kill them with her arrows. Getting bored Seria decided to wander through the line of undead that confronted her only to be assaulted herself and pushed back. At the same time all the zombies began to attack the players. The battle was short and only Vasu Varius got badly injured, however during the fight Ryan had run through the horde screaming “Don’t let them get me!!” and Seria and Donovan followed him closely behind, heading back into the guests waiting room.

Now the party found themselves seperated, with Ryan, Seria, and Donovan in the waiting room, pitch black with no seeming way out. Leaned up against the walls were a large number of dead, hands folded at their chests and missing their eyes. Where they had come into the room it appeared to be stone, but did not feel cold, or rough to the touch. Seeming to be not in immediate danger, they began discussing whether or not Ryan might be the threat and whether he should be killed.

Keya, Audrianna, and Vasu Varius began inspecting the wall where the others had passed through moments ago. Audrianna, a bit hot tempered from the killing, attempted to punch the wall, breaking her wrist in the process. Strange noises of children laughing broke out in the room and immediately Audrianna and Vasu Varius went to inspect, while Keya(somewhat flustered) decided to simply lean up against the wall and wait. As she leaned back she fell through the door giving a small yelp just in time for Vasu Varius to see her fall through. The wheels turning in his head he then proceeded to the odd spot of the wall and stared contemplatively at it for a moment before raising his finger to the air and declaring, “I have an Idea!!” at which time he turned quickly on his heels and began to slide his feet back, one after the other till he passed through the wall. It did not take Audrianna long to follow suit, and after the last of them were in the room the wall simply disappeared.

Somewhat glad to be back together, a short argument broke out whether or not Donovan should heal Audrianna’s wrist. After some debate he finally agreed. They players continued to scan the room in attempting to make a decision. A little bored and frustrated Keya began approaching a few of the bodies intent on dismembering them and Audrianna stayed beside her to assist. Before they reached the wall of dead in a motion almost too quick to see, the dead reached their hands forward, igniting them in a blue flame, missing eyes glowing yellow and rolling thunder and chanting reverberated through the room. Ryan, still crouched in a corner while Vasu Varius and Donovan politely questioned Ryan. As this happened however all eyes went back to the dead against the wall and Ryan began Vomiting profusely. Without waiting for anyone else Donovan picked up Ryan by his throat and began demanding answers. It would seem the Serea had other plans as he went limp and heavy, falling to the ground dead, Seria pulling the knife Viscerally from his back, wiping the blade on her sleeve before returning to his sheath. As Keya and Audrianna backed slowly to the center of the room, the dead resumed their former order, showing no signs of what had happened.

Immediately after Sarea killed Ryan. Donovan began yelling at her. As he shouted he began to take on a black aura. His eyes also began to glow red.Slowly the party began to take defensive action and began to question Donovan as to why he was glowing. Donovan looked in a pocket mirror that Vasu was holding and did not see any change in himself. He seemed disappointed at this. The aura changed into a black flame around him and the mirror began to show horns and a sunken skull like face. With sudden insight Vasu declared that Donovan was a servant of Dagon. To this Donovan proudly proclaimed his allegiance to the dark god. Hearing his confession Adrianna charged Donovan and with hatred in her eyes swinging her sword as a blast of magic momentarily lit the room. When the light returned to normal Donovan was in two parts both finding a comfortable home on the floor.

Somewhat in shock from what had just occurred the party slowly gathered and began to debate what had happened. Kia, not being one to let the dead rest wealthy, began to go through Donovan’s possessions. At this point Audrianna went to chop off the heads of the zombies in the room; however, this caught the attention of the entire party when the first head laughed as it rolled across the floor. Then the second laughed as a teenager, and the third as a child. Finally, the remaining zombies in the room began to attack. Vasu quickly examined the corpses of Ryan and Donovan, finding a peculiar hole in Ryan’s chest lined by torn skin flaps. Audrianna and Kia continued to fight the zombies on their own as Vasu and Sarea backed out of the room. Soon thereafter Audrianna walked out of the room herself, wiping her blade in victory, with Serea following.

The party then made plans for camping after realizing that it was very late in the morning, first investigating the battlements. When they did so, they found that it was pouring rain too heavily to sleep out there; much to their chagrin they also noted two new grappling hooks hanging from the walls. After removing these, they decided to bed down in the servants’ quarters after barricading the doors with furniture, posting watches and setting a magical alarm.



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