Vasu Varius

An old Wizard. He is extremely well versed in the lore of Kalimnell.


Vasu Varius. Human. Wizard ECL 1 Age 55. Male. 5’ 10’’. 175 lbs.

Str 13 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 20 Wis 18 Chr 20

HP 6, AC 12, Fort +2 Reflex +4 Will +6

Weapon {Spear|+1|1d8+1|x3}


Vasu is an older wizard. At 55 years of age he is far older than anyone else in his adventuring group. He is extremely well versed in the lore of Kalimnell and seems to have a semi-relatable story for absolutely everything the group comes across. In his youth he was a strong man, competent with a weapon, but his true calling was always for magic. He would be further down his chosen path but periodically he seems to find himself shift magically to strange surroundings without any of his belongings or property. He has taken to carrying all of his essentials in a metal bookcase which he always keeps slung about his shoulders.

Vasu Varius

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