Wynd Wright

A law abiding monk who travels the land to gather all the laws he can find.

Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 13 +1
Wisdom 17 +3
Charisma 12 +1

HP: 10 *AC: 16 *Initiative: +3

Saving Throws *Fortitude: 4 *Reflex: 5 *Will: 5

*Weapons & Attacks
Kama Attack Bonus +3 Damage d6+3 Critical x2 Special May make trip attacks
Unarmed Attack Bonus +3 Damage d6+3 Critical x2 Special Counts as both natural and unnatural weapon
Flurry of Blows Attack Bonus +1/+1 Damage d6+3 Critical x2 Special Make two attacks

Class Skills Balance: +3 Climb: +3 Concentration: +2 Craft(Bookbinding}: +4 Escape Artist: +4 Hide: +3 Jump: +4 Knowledge(Arcana): +4 Knowledge(Religion): +4 Listen: +4 Move Silently: +3 Profession(Bookkeeping): +3 Sense Motive: +4 Spot: +4 Swim: +4 Tumble: +4

Gear: Backpack, Waterskin, 7 days trail rations, Bedroll, Sack, Flint & Steel, 3 Torches, Book of Laws

Special Abilities/Feats
Improved Unarmed Strike You do not incur attacks of opportunity from unarmed attacks
Improved Grapple You do not incur attacks of opportunity when you make a touch attack to start a grapple. You also gain a +4 bonus on all grapple checks
Endurance You gain a +4 bonus on checks versus nonlethal damage
Die Hard When reduced to negative hit points, you may choose to fight disabled rather than fall unconscious. You can take a move action without taking any damage, but if you take a standard action you lose 1 hp. If you fall to -10 hp you die.

Currency Platinum: Gold: 5 Silver: Copper:

Languages Common,Orc


Wynd travels from city to city gathering all of the most outlandish and interesting laws that he can find. He is quite devout in following all of the laws in whatever region he is in.

Wynd was raised in a mercenary camp called the Mountain Duelists. It was there that he learned his fighting skills, and the value of law and order. He left the camp when he was 19 to seek adventure and explore the laws of distant lands.

Wynd Wright

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