Brill has been the capital city of Kalimnell for the last 300 years. A large bustling metropolis on the west half of the continent. Very spacious, a mostly wealthy city with few unemployed. Great deal of trade flows in primarily from the cities of Westhaven, Grey River, and Prospect in the south, as well as Callimar and Craterside in the north. Not a particularly self sustaining city, relies on trade from these cities. The castle where King Allistor Quinn resides is just outside the city, behind imposing walls. It is surrounded by a moat, 80ft high and 20 feet wide walls, there are stables and carriage keeps on the walls that are used for watches. The castle has enough food stockpiled to last under siege for several years. About 600 troops are held in Castle Brill at a time, along with the members of the Ordo Gladius. The king is suspicious of magic, so mages are not allowed within the castle walls.

Brill is mostly built on the west side of the roads leading to it. Small farmlands surround it in the plains, and in the forested areas it is quiet and serene. The castle is set up on a large hill far back in the town. A long paved stone road leads up to it, passing directly through the market district of the city.

Market District
As with most of the city, the market district is spacious. Shops are set up with room in between each building, and for the most part it is all well maintained. Though the main road passing through the market is made of stone, the rest of the roads are all tightly packed dirt or gravel. Of particular note is the town center, set up with a large stone fountain that the road encircles with stone grandstands and lush gardens. Four silver linden trees are planted throughout the gardens granting shade and an array of colors. In the summer months yellow flowers grow on the trees and the silver undersides of the leaves gives the area bewitching beauty. In early June there is a parade in honor of the Allistor Quinn’s birthday, that runs down this main road, and a party is held in the town center. The market distict is kept clean and well maintained. For the most part, the shops do not have customer entrances, but rather a counter set up with a window facing the street.

Just past the town center heading toward the castle there is a large temple dedicated to Filian Ordo. A large section of land is left clear of shops and houses with lush green grass and gardens set up in an octagonal pattern set up around it. It is made of polished stone and has four large towers set up on its corners. Each stone is 4 feet wide, 3 feet tall, and 2 feet thick. The most striking thing about it would be it’s sense of preciseness. The bricks are all the same size, and the patterns in the stone are perfectly symmetrical. At the top of each tower is a statue of a man in full plate mail kneeling holding a sword in his hand. The statues are faceless and without definition, but each bears the symbol of Filian Ordo on his armor. The entrance is a massive double door made of oak with gilded hinges and trim.
Types of shops found in brill.
Armor smiths
Weapon smiths
Block and tackle
Dry goods
Antiquities dealers
Wind instruments
Perfume sellers
Lamp makers


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