Goolabah Tree

The Goolabah Tree is a tree unique to kalimnell. It grows heavily in the north central portions on the continent.

Berries from the Goolabah Tree are extremely poisonous, but when properly prepared have wonderous healing properties. In the town of Evergreen wine is made from these berries.

Goolabah leaves, when properly prepared as a poultice, alleviate burns and accelerate healing when applied to the skin.

Wine made from the Goolahbah tree has mind-opening (psychotropic) properties and is very healthy for people drinking it. It can act as an antivenin and can help fight disease because it cleans out your digestive system. It effectively acts as a painkiller and a all-purpose medication in one. This is a favored drink of wizards.

Goolabah Tree

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