Marius Bain

Marius Bain is a 74 year old bald human with a limp in his right leg. Several scars adorn his face, arms and torso and he has deep gray eyes. Once a great dragon hunter he has since retired due to the serious decline in the dragon population in Kalimnell. He lives in Craterside in a small manor surrounded by lush vegetation and does his best to stay out of any political circle.

Although he was at one point the rightful heir the Hart family, he abdicated his birthright to take on a life of adventure, and has since refused to reenter the house despite an offer. This has inspired the song The Exiled Hart.

In a decades long campaign throughout Kalminell, Marius hunted down, and slew what is believed to have been every resident dragon of Kalimnell. Shortly after his inheritance of the Hart estate, Marius disappeared for several weeks. News reached the Hart estate that their eldest son had personally put to the sword the first dragon to meet its fate in decades. Enraged by his disregard for his duties as the head of the Hart household, his father called for his immediate return.

Upon his arrival, his father demanded that he give up the foolish and dangerous pursuit of slaying dragons, and resume his station as the lord of his families territory. Marius steadfastly refused and in the midst of his fury, disowned the Hart family and name and took upon himself a new name that he might be known no longer as Marius Hart. For his actions in ridding Kalimnell of dragons, King Allistor Quinn bestowed upon him the title Marius, Bane of Dragons. He later took it upon himself to shorten this title to his more common name, Marius Bain.

Marius Bain

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