The Unification

Before Kalminell there was war. In a time forgotten by most before the unification there was no rule, no king, no lords. Each race lived in fear of the other as orcs plundered the lands. In this time dragon’s also sailed the skies as predators to anything beneath them on the food chain. Dwarves lived in solitude in the mountains and humans roamed as little more than nomadic tribes. The elves alone had a kingdom, which they called Kalrinia. Kalrinia stretched from what is now known as Kemmer to lake Raynard. The elves warred with all the races as they tried time and again to take the land from them.

During this time in a nomadic tribe of humans was born a small boy, Adrian Quinn.
As the boy grew he learned from all the things around him that he could. He devoured knowledge and had a natural air of leadership, coupled with a strong faith in Filian Ordo. This faith inspired his comrades in the tribe, and by the time he was 20 nearly the whole tribe followed his faith. His wise and level-headed guidance of his peers brought him great respect not only from his own tribe, but also from tribes all over the continent.

Around his 30s, Adrian was approached by Adarian the Messenger, who told him that Filian Ordo had a purpose for him. He was to unite the humans into a single glorious empire, and purge those who practice their faith in impure and unlean ways. Using his renown he established the a knighthood that later came to be known as the Ordo Gladius and began a crusade against worshipers of Dagon Ecid Yenom, conquering and converting the faithless and misguided. Followers of Imoan rose up against him, fearing that they would be next, and a full scale war erupted between the nomads. While border scuffles and tribal wars were not unheard of, none of human kind had seen the likes of this conflict. When the forces of Imoan met those of Adrian Quinn, despite the blessing of the goddess of battle they were defeated by the divine ordainment of Filian Ordo to unite the human tribes at the hands of Adrian Quinn.

Upon the defeat of Imoan’s Valkyries they lent their bloodlust and tactical prowess to his crusade to unite humanity. With the newly swollen ranks of potent warriors they swept through the rest of the nomadic tribes. Finally, Adrian had united the humans, and all that remained was to take the eastern half of the continent. He began marching his army, now tens of thousands of men spearheaded by the faithful paladins of Filian and the dervishes and Valkyries of Imoan, toward the elven capital, driven to fulfill the destiny meted out upon him by Filian Ordo.

The elven king, Titan Medes, at first thought nothing of the human insurrection, but as it became a maelstrom that burned it’s way toward the heart of his kingdom, it became a pressing concern to meet the humans on the field of battle. The humans, who had at first seemed a nuisance, now stood ready to strike down his people and his kingdom. taking to the field of battle in numbers that the elves had never before mustered, 5,000 elves marched to meet the human horde at the last bastion before the elven heartland, a fortress known as Cirrus Hold.

Their breath frosted in the autumn air as they manned the battlements of Cirrus Hold on the auspicious day of Sar’Maren, the remembrance of elven unity. Titan Medes looked upon the pass and the thronging swarm of human veterans led by iron clad knights and madwomen spinning blades. In this moment Titan realized that there could be no salvation for the elven empire in battle. For every ten that an elf might slay, a hundred would take their place. Titan came to understand that the only hope was for him to meet personally with this human, Adrian Quinn, to seek a peaceful resolution.

Alone he rode out, his horses hooves crunching through the snow of the pass as he rode towards the human line. With a casual dignity that only an elven king can muster, he approached the human cavalry at whose head waited Adrian Quinn. In a display of magnanimity and assurance in his cause, Adrian rode out alone to meet the Elven king. What was spoken between those commanders is not known, what transpired though, has passed on into history. Titan Medes rode back to the fortress of Cirrus Hold, while Adrian Quinn rode back to his line with purpose.

Upon arriving, Adrian dismounted and in a booming voice began to a prayer to Filian Ordo that resonated throughout all the assembled human soldiers. He thanked Filian Ordo for victory that day, without the spilling of a single drop of blood and that they had not only advanced their sacred cause, but in so doing had gained new allies. The Battle of Cirrus Pass is remembered not only as the purest victory of the Unification but the moment upon which human civilization would see its advent.

That night both elves and men met in Cirrus Hold to celebrate the dawn of the new era. That same night, Titan Medes told the assembled that his people had been known as Kalrinia, meaning the Kingdom of the Elves, but henceforth in light of their new pact they would be know both elf and man as Kalimnell, meaning the Kingdom of the Faithful.

Under the tutelage of the elves, humanity began the arduous process of crafting an Empire, one that would stand the test of the ages and grow on into something greater than any would have hoped. Adrian Quinn was the first king of this empire, and charged his most trusted and faithful knights with the protection of his line and to the ideals upon which Kalimnell was founded, the virtuous Ordo Gladius.

The Unification

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