Whitey Bruxae

Whitey Bruxae began life as an Orc warlord around Craterside of some renown, primarily seen as a cunning opponent who was too smart by half for an Orc. It was this intellect that caused Whitey to decide to bring his cunning, intellect and manpower to bear in an effort to carve out a section of the Craterside underworld as his own domain to afford himself both a more comfortable life for him and his many children but also an air of legitimacy that few Orc’s ever achieve.

Whitey is a behemoth, standing well over 7 foot. A barrel-chested, lumbering, ham-fisted giant of an Orc, he was known as Whitey for his unusually (for an orc) pale almost human toned skin. This combined with the grey hair that he combs down and slicks back gives the impression of an immense grotesque human rather than a pale orc.

Whitey is the father of 15 boys and one daughter whom he is fiercely protective of. The children are from many different mothers, whose common attributes are that they are all massive half-orcs with unusually pale skin and hair, with the exception of his daughter Yvonne. His children range in age from his oldest Yvonne at 27, to his youngest, “Slim” who is 18.

Whitey’s myriad children are the impromptu commanders and lieutenants of his criminal enterprise, which runs quite the gamut. From drugs, magic weapons, and mercenaries to slavery, extortion, prostitution and gambling, any pie that someone could have a finger in within Craterside, Whitey has grabbed a handful. His daughter Yvonne runs the money and magical end of the business, while his oldest son Sawnoff Bruxae runs the muscle keeping everything running smoothly.

Whitey’s business runs beneath the surface of Craterside, almost solely criminal in nature, and launders the money through Martlet’s legitimate businesses. Whitey has something of a reputation as a philanthropist amongst the poor of Craterside for his many efforts to reinvest in the more squalid portions of town. It is from these poor that he recruits and trains his many footman, aside from the monstrous mercenaries he is notorious for employing.

Whitey’s oldest child and only daughter Yvonne Bruxae is the only child who doesn’t strongly resemble him, taking more after her mother. This is obvious given her finely scaled off-red skin, slit pupils and forked tongue. Many conjecture that her mother was likely a maralith or dragon. Only Whitey truly knows and he has never shared this secret with anyone. She is a potent sorceress and has a reputation for her capricious, violent and mercurial nature.

Sawnoff Bruxae is the most notorious of Whitey’s many children, a half-orc whose name one does not mention idly. He is well known as a bar-stool philosopher with occasional brilliant insight, though he is most commonly known for his capacity and penchant for crushing men’s skulls single handed. He is formerly a Sergeant Major of the King’s army, mustering out and rejoining his father’s business after establishing weapons smuggling contacts within the army.

Whitey’s monstrous mercenary cohorts are recruited and maintained by his son Oggha Bruxae with the help of the illithid Yatholen and the vampire Reyes.

Whitey Bruxae

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