Kalimnell: The Life, Times and Death of Jeffrey Orton

The Master's Wheel

All the Players met in the Master’s wheel tavern in Kemmer. It was the fifth day of the month. While enjoying thier meals, a gnome named Janx came in to try to lure some of the women away. After being declined a large man came and took Janx away. Also a buccaneer named Masters came in and chatted with Vasu Varius for a time. Once the excitement died down eight thugs stood up from around the room and declared that it was a robbery. Vasu Varius attempted to dissuade them from his direction, but was struck down with a sword almost killing him. The players dispatched them though Seria fell down twice and was saved by Donovan both times. Vasu continued to cast at the thugs from the ground. Once the bandits were dispatched a large number of guards came in and arrested the players to determine what had occured. During a night in jail the players spent some time getting to know each other and then were released the next day, also being asked to investigate rumors of an attack on Marshall Keep, a good two days east of Kemmer.



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