Kalimnell: The Life, Times and Death of Jeffrey Orton

The Road to Marshall Keep

This session began on the sixth day of the month, just after the players were released from jail. The players met back at The Master’s Wheel and purchased the necessary supplies for their journey. They were unable to find horses for an acceptable price, and so set out on foot. After a long day’s travel through the words, they found a wayward pine under which they made camp (thank you Terry Goodkind). After most of the characters had fallen asleep, Vasu Varius and Serea stayed up for watch. They shortly encountered a skeleton hanging upside down from a rope around it’s foot, and began to converse with it. After some discussion, they determined that he was named John Bob Philip Seymore Hoffman Duncan, but could not satisfactorily determine what he was doing there. As they conversed with him, the other players were kidnapped one by one and found themselves in an unlit cave speaking to another entity who called himself John Bob Philip Seymore Hoffman Duncan, who merrily talked with them for a while. After some further discussion with both parts of the party, he reunited them and revealed himself as an ogre magi who was simply curious what they were doing there. He played bloody knuckles with Serea and shared hallucinogenic mushroom tea that Vasu had made with Audrianna and Key. The latter two began hallucinating, but he seemed unaffected. Serea fell asleep in his arms, and when she awoke found it was a tree that only seemed to conform to the shape of his body.

As they continued along their way, they found a body lying in the middle of the road that seemed to have been dragged there. It was missing it’s eyes, and had only 3 gold coins on it’s person. Further along, they found two more bodies lying on their back with their arms folded across their chest, also missing their eyes. They too had 3 gold coins. Along the way, they heard someone sharpening an axe in the distance; however, when they sought it out to investigate, it would suddenly shift position to be behind them. They never found the source of the sound. When they approached the keep, they found the encampment of what appeared to be raiders outside; every body in the camps was dead, with their arms folded across their chest, their eyes removed, and 3 gold coins. Fog rapidly began creeping up on them, and they heard a pack of wolves howling in the distance. Upon entering the castle, they found it deserted and dark. Donovan and Audrianna found a small black bag with 3 gold in their packs. Audrianna decided to drop hers, at which point it began to bounce off on its own accord. Although the party tried to chase it down, it lost them. After some searching, they met a starved human servant of the castle name Ryan hiding in a secret room. They also found that one of the bodies missing eyes had reanimated. Upon taking Ryan into their care they investigated one of the watchtowers and found that all the dead in the courtyard had also risen. The fog had completely surrounded them and blocked their access to the outside world.



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